Putian Jiayang Electronics Co., Ltd

Putian Jiayang Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in 2010,she is a high-tech company professionlly in researching,manufacting and saling liquid crystal display(LCD) 。Products includ light shutter、TN/HTN/STN/VA LCD and optical coating. Products are wildly used in auto-darkening welding hulmet、medical instruments、air-conditioner、industrial instruments. Company is equipped with ESC Gmbh AWF testing system, provides customers with high-quality products, services and solutions. It has a professional team and advanced management mode to ensure efficiency and sustainability

Product Applications

Auto-darkening Welding Hulmet        

3/9-13 1112; 4/9-13 1111; 3/4-15 1111(3 pcs)

Medical Instruments        

Air Conditioner        

Remote controller……

Industrial Instrument        

Elevator display、On board display…

Consumption Goods        

Optical Coating Products        





VA mode LCD

TN mode LCD

HTN mode LCD

Cinema projector light shutter

Auto dimming rearview mirror

Optical coating products

Light valve products( for auto-darkening welding hulmet)